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We'll take to many different places in 2017

Viatour Tours

ravioli.Parmigiano cheese forms stacked to matureWe have some great tours in 2017, which you'll find on these pages, and we're putting the finishing touches to a number of others, which will take you to Europe, to Asia, to the Americas.

So come back soon for more.

For starters, though... isn't the picture on the left just wonderful? A stack of Parmigiano Reggiano forms, maturing for a minimum of 18 months - but often much, much longer to justify the nickname Italians have for this chard cheese... They call it "il re dei formaggi", that is, the "king cheese" - and for very good reasons.

Speaking of food, our friend Vincenzo of Vincenzo's Plate has come up with a great trip to Abruzzo, the harsh land between the mountains and the sea where his roots are. Vincenzo is a volcano of enthusiasm and his Nonna a fabulous cook of traditional local dishes. VincenzoYou'll be meeting her and more of his family on a trip that will take you to some largely unexplored parts of Italy (the tour is called "Unexplored Italy" for good reasons) at an astonishing good price.

On a completely different level is our "Paths of Faith", a tour designed to take the believer to some of the holiest shrines of the Catholic world - starting with Fatima in Portugal, where one hundred years ago three shepherd children reported to have seen a beautiful lady who confided some terrible secrets. Today the grotto where the encounters took place is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Our May 2017 tour was fully booked a while ago, but we now have a tour in October, when the celebrations of the anniversary of the first apparition in 1917 will end.

This tour also touches Lourdes in France, San Giovanni Rotondo (home to Padre Pio of Pietralcina) and Rome - but also many other locations offering great sightseeing - such as Burgos and San Sebastian, Paris and Versailles, Lake Lucerne and Florence and Bangkok on the way home. Fully escorted, it's filling fast!

So many cruises, such wide oceans, so much to seeAlso, we've got cabins on many cruises leaving all through 2017 for all sorts of destinations, for our backyard (the South Pacific), for Alaska and the Caribbeans, for the Mediterranean and more. Just get in touch with us, tell us what your dream destination is and we'll come up with something absolutely perfect - we know we can, thanks also to the wide range of options offered by our partners Halloworld American Express.

Just a reminder that most our tours offer a package of airfares and what we call "land content", that is, accommodation, meals, entry fees, coach and so on.

 You don't have to buy the airfare from us. 

OK, let’s clarify... of course your should buy your air tickets from us. We still offer some of the best deals around, while at the same time avoiding the pitfalls of buying online. What we say it that you don’t have to buy a ticket from us to take part in our great 2017 tours or cruises. You might choose to travel on your miles... or be already in Europe or in USA when our tour starts. Or even prefer another travel agent (really!). Just ask us for the price net of airfares and we’ll be delighted to have you join our tours overseas.